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changes you must make for healthy hair

Does your hair seem lifeless? Have you tried all of the different products that are supposed to bring the life back to your hair and make it shiny, full and healthy? Have those products let you down? I spent a small fortune trying to find the products that would make my hair as pretty as it used to be, but failed to find that one product that worked. I decided to see a hair and skin specialist to find out why my hair was so lifeless. I learned several tips that changed the way that I care for my hair, changed the products that I use and have improved the health of my hair drastically. Visit my blog to find out what I have changed.


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5 Benefits Of Professional Facials

No matter what skin type you have, it is important to establish a regular skin care routine. Cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing your skin regularly will help keep it clear, smooth and youthful looking. It is also a good idea to get professional facials at a medical spa from time to time. Here are some of the many benefits of these facials.

Deeper Cleanse

Even if you are very diligent about cleansing and exfoliating your skin, you still might not be removing all the dirt and oil that's in your pores. If you get a professional facial, like microdermabrasion, at a spa, it will give you a deeper cleanse, helping your skin look smoother and more even. Having smoother skin will also make it easier to apply makeup.

Stress Reducing

Life can get stressful for almost everyone at times. If you go to a spa for a facial, you will get pampered and treated like royalty. The esthetician will massage your face as he or she applies the facial, helping you feel more relaxed. After your treatment, you should feel much less stressed.

Slow Down Aging

By getting regular facials, you can also help your skin look younger longer. Facials remove toxins and bring moisture back to your skin, helping it look softer. If you maintain youthful looking skin, you will feel more confident about your appearance.

Treat Various Skin Issues

If you suffer from a skin issue, you have one more good reason to get regular facials. Your esthetician can assess your skin issue and then recommend the appropriate facial for it. For example, if you acne scarring, he or she may suggest a chemical peel. If you have sun damaged skin, microdermabrasion may be able to help. Your esthetician may also suggest how to take care of your skin issue at home.

Boost Circulation

If you have poor circulation, your skin may appear dull. When you get a facial, an esthetician massages your skin, which can help improve blood flow and boost circulation. By getting facials on a regular basis, you can have better circulation and more radiant looking skin.

As you can see, there are many advantages to getting professional facials. It is a good idea to get a facial at least once a month to get the best results. While this may seem like an investment at first, it can truly benefit your complexion in the long run.