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changes you must make for healthy hair

Does your hair seem lifeless? Have you tried all of the different products that are supposed to bring the life back to your hair and make it shiny, full and healthy? Have those products let you down? I spent a small fortune trying to find the products that would make my hair as pretty as it used to be, but failed to find that one product that worked. I decided to see a hair and skin specialist to find out why my hair was so lifeless. I learned several tips that changed the way that I care for my hair, changed the products that I use and have improved the health of my hair drastically. Visit my blog to find out what I have changed.


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Learn How To Have A Unique Design Shaved Into Your Hair When You Are A Woman

Having designs shaved into hair has been popular for men for quite some time. Recently, it has become increasingly popular for women to have the bottom of their head shaved so that it can be seen when they wear their hair up in a ponytail or bun. If you are thinking about having your head shaved to show off a unique design when you wear your hair up, consider going to a barbershop to have the design done. Barbers have experience when it comes to creating hair designs that other hair stylists may not have. The following guide walks you through a few things you can do to ensure that your turns out perfect when it is finished.

Consider What Portion of Your Head You Want Shaved

You first need to consider what portion of your head you want to have shaved and what portion you want to leave long. Some women choose to have only one side of their head shaved, while others choose to have the entire lower portion of the back of their head shaved. It is up to you to choose which option you think would look the best on you, but it is important to realize there is no going back once the area is shaved. Be sure to consider all of your options before choosing one option over another option.

Consider What Design You Want Created

You then need to figure out what design you want created into the area of your hair that you have shaved. A great barber can create any look you want with ease. You need to know what design you want created before you go into the barbershop so that the barber can let you know if the design you want created is able to be done, or if you will have to choose an easier design to do.

Consider Which Barber You Want to Do the Design for You

When you go to have your head shaved, you want to be sure to work with a barber who has experience shaving heads. You want to be sure that he has done quite a few designs into people's hair before you allow him to shave any design into your hair.

Once the design is created, you will need to have your head shaved on a regular basis if you want to keep the look. When you are ready to grow your hair out, it will take quite a while for the shaved portion of your head to grow long enough to pull up into a ponytail so it is important to think long and hard if you really want to have the design created in your hair before you actually have it done.