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changes you must make for healthy hair

Does your hair seem lifeless? Have you tried all of the different products that are supposed to bring the life back to your hair and make it shiny, full and healthy? Have those products let you down? I spent a small fortune trying to find the products that would make my hair as pretty as it used to be, but failed to find that one product that worked. I decided to see a hair and skin specialist to find out why my hair was so lifeless. I learned several tips that changed the way that I care for my hair, changed the products that I use and have improved the health of my hair drastically. Visit my blog to find out what I have changed.



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3 Reasons Why Laser Hair Removal Is Now Safer If You're Dark-Skinned

People of all hues may be saying yes to growing body and facial hair again, but there are some areas where hair is just not wanted, including on the face for some women and on the back for some men. If you're a darker-skinned person who is considering professional hair removal, you were born at the right time. Here's why:

1) New laser hair removal works best on darker hair and skin.

Blondes definitely don't have more fun when it comes to laser hair removal. The laser must "see" the hair in order to do its work destroying the hair follicle. When hair is too fair, the laser can't do an adequate job getting rid of it.

If your skin is in the olive or brown range, and you have dark hair, you're the ideal candidate for the laser option. The black or deep brown hairs are very easy for the laser to pick out and zap.

2) Hyperpigmentation is less of a risk with newer lasers.

It's possible for hyperpigmentation to occur in some people who have increased melanin in their skin. This happens when small areas of skin are zapped and made darker by the laser when it mistakes the dark skin pigment for hairs. In the past, this ruled out laser removal for very dark-skinned patients.

Newer lasers produce a longer wavelength that reduces this risk, going deeper than the skin's melanin to hit the follicle. 1064 nanometer wavelength lasers are the ones you want used if you have darker skin, so make certain this is the type the doctor has available.

3) If your skin is super-dark, you can ask to have a patch test done.

Very dark skin can be prone to burning more easily during a laser hair removal procedure. One way to counter this is to be sure the doctor cools your skin before and after the session. This helps the laser differentiate between the pigment in your skin and the pigment in your hair follicles.

Another way to minimize the risk of skin irritation is to ask to have a patch test done. A small area of your skin can be tested with various lasers or with one laser using different energy settings. The doctor will fine tune your laser treatment to ensure you get hair removal with the least discomfort to your beautiful dark complexion.

Depending on the area you're having treated, it may take up to a dozen sessions to get full results, and the cost should be around $2,400. Consult with your doctor to discuss all of your hair removal options, and be sure that the doctor you choose has experience working on people with darker skin. For more information on laser hair removal, contact a professional like Drs. Young & Wouters.